Goblin Diplomat

A roguelike of desperate diplomacy in a hostile land!


In Goblin Diplomat, you’ll take on the role of a goblin sent to negotiate peace with the human king.

Though you come from a peaceful tribe, goblins are feared and despised by humanity at large. In your conversations with humans, you’ll be trying to recall the correct words in a barely-learned language while staving off panic and hostility.

If your mission does not succeed, it will be up to the future generations of goblins to finish the task.


Gameplay Screenshot #03A Word Web of the Human Language – to find the right word to say, you’ll have to navigate a web of associations

Phonetic Challenges – even after finding a word, you’ll have to pronounce it correctly

Real-Time Conversations – each second brings the human closer to losing patience and attacking you!

Individual Goblins – your goblins will have different thoughts, associations, memories, traumas, and fears

Generations of Effort – your attempts at diplomacy will leave a lasting effect on the memories of the human people