If you’re going to animate, you need to compromise


Animation is slow, difficult work. I love it, but every animation project I’ve taken on has taken way more time than expected.

I want the opening cutscene of Goblin Diplomat to be beautiful, to showcase the setting and gameplay, and to not waste any of the viewer’s time. Already, I’m seeing that I need to compromise.

Should it be animation-heavy, but with simple art and backgrounds? Like Reus?

Should it be beautifully drawn, but with only simple animated elements? Like Crypt of the Necrodancer?

Mark of the Ninja has both, but it also has a team of artists and animators!

Right not, I’m not sure what approach to take. Not sure whether to work with the simple-goblin style of the above image, or work with more detailed art like the current village background.


For now, I’m going to table the cutscene work and get back to the UI screens for conversations and selecting which goblin will be your next diplomat. I’ll revisit the opening when I have the art style for the rest of the game locked down!

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