Art Update #2

A lot of art has been happening!

I finally feel like I have a handle on the goblin proportions, ears, and snouts.

The above picture was using my clay model, but even without reference, I think I can draw a passable goblin:

So, the next question is how to draw humans.  I’ve been working from reference pictures online to practice my figure drawing. In the game, I want a simplified style for humans, but I’ve found it easier in drawing to start from realism and work backwards.

And as an exercise of proportions, I’ve been taking my human pictures and goblifying them:


As you can see, goblins heads are big. If my clay model is any indication, goblin necks are precarious.

I’ve begun the groundwork for storyboarding the opening cutscene of the game. I’ve made a few rough images of scenes in the opening:

Expect a lot of storyboarding drafts in the near future!

And here’s a bonus picture :)

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