Weekly Coding Update #21

This week I fixed a fluke where you could get stuck on a thought bubble with no links. I fixed it just for this particular case (mind-blank when on a node that doesn’t have any natural links.) But it got me thinking that I should implement a more general solution where links are added periodically if there aren’t many of them.

I met with Evan, with this fresh in my mind, and we discussed some fun effects we can do, that will be much better if they can destroy thought bubbles without worrying about stranding the player. There’s some fun stuff coming!

It seemed about jolly time I implemented an effect that’s not just more/fewer thought bubbles, so I started on the pain/injured effect. This is pulsating clouds that drift by in the foreground, obscuring parts of the web. I wasted some time debugging a couple typos, and needed a nap, so it’s not screenshot-worthy yet.

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