Weekly Coding Update #18-19

Had deadline rush last week (#18) so no progress then.

This week I updated to the latest (release) version of duktape, the minimal, embeddable javascript engine I’m using for the game logic.

Then I build a frame rate counter/display into the game. Then I ran all kinds of tests on the code to see what was slow.

My conclusion: javascript is running slow. I read up on how to get duktape to run faster, and the answer was that they haven’t gotten to optimizing yet, and plan to do that starting Spring 2015 (ie now.)

So, with luck they’ll speed up code execution considerably before we’re ready to release Goblin Diplomat, and I won’t have to do anything. If the javascript is still too slow as we’re approaching our release date, I’ll have to switch to a different javascript engine.

In other news, Evan made awesome art for the pause screen. I hope to get that into the game, and into a screenshot in next week’s update.

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