Weekly Coding Update #17

Now you can pause the game! This involved changing the way everything looks so it’s a bit grayed out, and hiding the words (no fair browsing through the thought bubbles while paused.) As you can see I’m using a placeholder graphic for the pause menu:

Gameplay Screenshot #04

I also beefed up the keyboard event handling, so I can be notified of any key press (before you had to list the keys you wanted to hear about.) It checks for specific key handlers first, so, as you can see in the screenshot, I can register to be notified of “any other key”.

On a much less interesting note, I ripped out the rest of the old code for the “conversation progress bar” that we used in early development. Now all time limits come from script, and are managed by the conversation engine and/or the brain. Yes, there’s a class called Brain :)

Aaand… one more bugfix. A little syntax error in the timers made it so it’d crash if you tried cancel one. I think that’s the last of the occasional crashes at/near the end of the game.

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