Weekly Coding Update #14

Slow week this week due to low energy, and a leaky foundation (yay almost spring!)

I did manage to finally track down a bug that’s been making the game crash occasionally (usually right at game-over.) Turns out there was a bug in the javascript interpreter, not my code. Guess it serves me right for running git master (of the interpreter) from a year ago and never updating.

I also made it so that code can be notified of a “click anywhere”, and used that to make it so you can skip the parallax scene with the mouse, if you’ve already seen it a bazillion times.

I also started creating another of the mind effects: “Infection”. In this effect, thoughts turn a dangerous red, then the red spreads to nearby/connected thoughts. I’m at a rather goofy problem: when fading (from white) to red, right in the middle is pink… not what we’re going for. I’ll have to figure out a more complex way of fading the color so it goes to grey first, or maybe a dirty yellow.

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