Art Update


I’ve been honing in on the final look for goblins. ┬áThere’s are different levels of detail to consider – you’ll see a portrait during conversations, a tiny sprite on the overworld map, and a more detailed view during cutscenes. The picture above is what I’d like to do for cutscenes – though without quite so much shading.

You’ll see a tiny goblin running across the countryside between conversations. ┬áThat will look something like this:


I’m actually really happy with this simplified version! It became my business card during PAX:


I just want to share one more piece of art. I was hired to make the cover for the magazine Worlds Without Master. It’s an anarchistic swamp-town, and even though goblins are banned from that magazine’s hallowed pages, I secretly imagine this being very close to how certain goblin settlements look:


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