Weekly Coding Update #13

This week I rewrote most of the Paralax (scrolling scenery) code again. This time, I think I finally got it right, and I added some nice new features, like being able to scale the layers independently, and also have the sky move at a constant rate, while the other layers can pause, move, etc. I scripted a nice sequence of fade in, move, fade out. This sequence plays between the main menu and gameplay.

Speaking of the main menu, I finally got a proper image on the main menu, so you can see the name of the game and everything :)

Then I did a bunch of research on what video decoding library I should use to play cutscenes. I only need support for one codec, and I’m not all that picky about which one, since we’ll be pre-processing all the videos anyway. My priorities with the codec are that it works well, and that it will be easy to add to my cross-compiling for windows. I’m using MXE for cross-compiling for windows, so I went through the list of MXE packages, and found three candidates: ffmpeg, xvid and theora. ffmpeg seems a little overkill, and there’s been problems in the past with ffmpeg changing their API frequently (we had to do a lot of extra work on cmus to deal with compatibility with different ffmpeg versions.) It was a bit of a toss-up between theora and xvid. I’m trying theora first, because they have API documentation on their website.

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