Weekly Coding Update #11

Lots of little things this week.

I installed new speech bubbles from Evan, then made them shrink/grow to fit the text within them. Together, these make the speech bubbles look much better, and make it much clearer who is talking.

I improved the Mind Rush effect, so it adds new links/bubbles over the course of 4 seconds, instead of all at once.

I fixed the Mind Blank effect, so you can’t click on the nodes that are disappearing.

I implemented a simpler way for being notified when an amount of time has been passed, and updated a few places in the code to use this new method, instead of the old one that was designed for animating a trait over time.

Then I got to work trying to fix the weird twitchy/glitching rotations that happen when nodes fade out (mainly the node that connects you to the rest of the web.) While working on this (with mixed success) I realized that I need to change the way I position the link angles. Right now the main determinant is how many links there are, and they’re positioned mostly dynamically. This made a lot of sense when all links were created at once, and never deleted (at least not in the foreground). But now that links are coming and going a lot more, they can’t be spinning around to accommodate the comings/goings of the other links… or at least not spinning around so fast. I’m going to rip out the old angle generator, and instead have links remember what angle they are at, and have them repel nearby links/nodes. I can make it a bit of a physics simulator. This way I can fiddle with the numbers, and achieve some important gameplay constraints, like no overlapping nodes, and making sure that nodes don’t go too fast to be clicked on.

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