Weekly Coding Update #09

Very techy progress this week!

First I ripped out the SDL2_mixer library, because it seemed to be incompatible with cross-compiling for 32-bit windows. Also, we want to do more sophisticated things with our music than SDL2_mixer’s music API supports, so it wasn’t overwhelmingly useful. So I made it so our music and sound effects work with the much lower-level API of SDL2. Now I am copying audio samples myself. Evan and I talked about this, to see if there’s some cool effects that we can do easily now that we’re involved at the audio-sample level. Not sure anything exciting will come out of that, but we’ll certainly be able to fade in and out the various tracks of the music as we planned.

Next, I made it so all our data files (1 javascript file, 3 sound effects, 3 spritesheets (images), and 1 music file) are built into the main executable. Now the game is just one file that you can run, instead of an executable and 8 data files that must be arranged just right in the same directory. I’ve always found installers annoying, and preferred things that you can just run. Now you don’t even need to unzip or anything. And the game is easy to move, rename etc..

Then after those two, I got cross-compiling working again, so I can spit out windows builds… with sound! This took a bit of work too, because windows doesn’t reference embedded binaries (our data files) it quite exactly the same way as my machine.

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