Goblin Panic

Once the human you’re talking to pulls out a pitchfork, all the years of composure training fail you.

Panic is one of the primary struggles in the game. You’ll rarely be able to avoid it – humans are just too scary. A goblin simply must do their best to communicate through the fear.

Panic can have a number of mechanical effects on the word web. They can also have overlapping effects, compounding the problem. Right now, there are five effects planned:

    • individual text characters bob and twist about
    • the greater the unease, the more extreme the character movement
  • Triggers:
    • patience bar running low
    • human threats
    • thought bubbles in the web poof away
    • the greater the blank, the longer it takes to recover the web
  • Triggers:
    • being startled
    • certain characters of words being wrong or cycling through wrong alternates
    • as the panic grows, you must wait longer before the characters correct themselves. and more characters are affected
  • Triggers:
    • low patience bar
    • inexperience with new words
    • words are replaced by their phonetic construction
    • as the panic grows, more words are replaced, and they take longer to correct themselve
  • Triggers:
    • severe human threats
    • very low patience bar
    • messing up a word
    • inexperience with new words
    • web links spew out rapidly
    • as the panic grows, words appear even faster, breaking the normal limits.
  • Triggers:
    • very low patience
    • a human demand – “Answer me!”

As you progress deeper into the human lands, panic will become a larger and larger part of the gameplay. Managing it will depend on skillfully handling the more difficult situations, and relying on the help of some objects or traits (for example, a romantic goblin can calm herself down by thinking of her paramour back home).

In addition to the panic effects, there are a number of status effects that also make navigating the web more challenging: being hungry, hurt, homesick, or hunted. More on those next week!

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