Goblin sketches

My current idea of a goblin face has come from a lot of experimentation.


The first drawings were moreĀ reptilian. They had long snouts and upright ears.


With each drawing, the snout shrunk, and the ears lowered. I didn’t want the goblins to be as intimidating.


The darker-skinned goblin above was the first of the currentĀ goblin design. Slanted eyes, ears falling like hair, and a very short snout.

gobsketch1 gobsketch2 gobsketch3

Since then, I’ve been trying to pin down the proportions and body structure. It’s hard to keep consistent from day to day.

IMG_0003 IMG_0004

But the hardest challenge has been drawing the goblins in dynamic poses. I’m running into the edge of my ability. At this point, I feel happy with drawing a goblin standing in a neutral position, but running, jumping a fence, climbing a tree – these poses have been difficult!

The post below shows some of the sculpting I’ve been doing to get over the hump. I hope to have some great action-oriented drawings to show soon!

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